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Postcards from the Past

The Sea GardenThose

The Christmas Angel

The Summerhouse

The Prodigal Wife

The Way We Were

Memories of the Storm

Echoes of the Dance

The Golden Cup

The Birdcage

The Children’s Hour

A Week in Winter

Forgotten Laughter

A Week in Winter

The Chadwick Trilogy

    Looking Forward

    Holding On

    Winning Through

Second Time Around

Starting Over

Hattie’s Mill

The Dipper

The Courtyard

Thea’s Parrot

Those Who Serve

The Summer House
Marcia always had a very specific setting for the two properties at the centre of this novel: High House and The Summer House. They occupied part of the green field centre right in the above picture tucked away under Bossington Hill near Hurlestone Point.

After her death, Matt finds the small inlaid wooden box in which his mother had stored all his childhood mementos. Amongst them are many photographs of Matt as a child growing up. But something about the photos puzzles Matt – is that really him? Why does he not remember those clothes? The toys? And where, in the photographs, is his sister, Imogen? He has a strange unresolved feeling that there is something missing in his life.

Imogen and her husband, a country vet, are living in a rented cottage with their gorgeous baby but must soon move on. Since her childhood, Milo has assumed the role of honorary father. Knowing how she loves it, he offers to sell them the Summer House, a charming folly in the grounds of his beautiful ancient house on Exmoor, but Imogen’s marriage is threatened when her husband refuses to live so far from his practice. Meanwhile, Matt begins to discover the strange and tragic secret which has affected his whole life.

To read an Extract CLICK HERE

To read an Extract CLICK HERE