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Postcards from the Past

The Sea GardenThose

The Christmas Angel

The Summerhouse

The Prodigal Wife

The Way We Were

Memories of the Storm

Echoes of the Dance

The Golden Cup

The Birdcage

The Children’s Hour

A Week in Winter

Forgotten Laughter

A Week in Winter

The Chadwick Trilogy

    Looking Forward

    Holding On

    Winning Through

Second Time Around

Starting Over

Hattie’s Mill

The Dipper

The Courtyard

Thea’s Parrot

Those Who Serve

Forgotten Laughter
Published in the USA as A Summer in the Country
This is Combestone Tor on Dartmoor just to the south of the fictional house ‘Foxhole’

About the Book

When Louise Parry arrives at Foxhole for her summer holiday, she is welcomed by kind, sensitive Brigid Foster and her incorrigible, elderly mother, Frummie. Amid the peace of Dartmoor, Louise tries to forget the haunting memories from her past but an unexpected visitor forces her to remember.

Meanwhile, Brigid is battling with her own painful memories. It seems she cannot forgive her mother for abandoning her as a child, nor can she accept that her bold, beautiful half-sister, Jemima, was the daughter whom her mother chose to keep.

But, as summer passes, laughter returns to Foxhole. New relationships are formed, old wounds are healed and past love is rekindled. It is time for each of the women to learn that only in letting go of the past can they find life for today and hope for tomorrow.
About the Pictures
The settings for this book range from the centre of Dartmoor to Salcombe on the south coast via Totnes and Kingsbridge. This is all very photogenic countryside so I make no apology for the inclusion of more photographs than are usually included in this web site.

The fictional Foxhole is situated at the confluence of the O Brook with the West Dart River. We have already met the O Brook, crossed by Saddle Bridge which was the inspiration for the Blackthorne Bridge in The Dipper. There is, of course, no building at that point - just a field with the remains of old blowing houses (used by the tinners) where Foxhole is situated.

To read an Extract CLICK HERE

To read an Extract CLICK HERE